Class Rules

First Grade Discipline Plan

First Grade Classroom Code of Conduct:

1. I will respect others.

2. I will listen courteously when others are talking.

3. I will work quietly and not disturb others.

4. I will cooperate with others.

5. I will always do my best.

Each child is expected to help create an environment where every student can learn as much as possible. We have had discussions about our First Grade Classroom Code of Conduct. We recite these rules every day after the pledge and have been practicing regularly. 

Beginning Tuesday, September 2 if your child fails to abide by these rules the following action will take place:

1st time: Name on board; warning to change behavior

2nd time: One check mark after name; 5 minutes of recess taken away

3rd time: Second check mark: 10 minutes of recess taken away

4th time: Third check mark; Entire recess taken away; Phone call to parent

5th time: Fourth check mark; Sent to office; Phone call to parent; Entire recess taken away.

A calendar will be in your child’s home folder.  Your child will earn 5 points a day for excellent behavior.  Your child will lose one point for each check mark and I will record his/her inappropriate behavior on the back of the calendar.

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.  I feel this approach will be the most productive for student learning and the least disruptive to classroom activities. Thank you.

 Mrs. Leighto

   Remember to treat others 
the way you want to be treated!